As the name implies, Downtown Berkeley is the city's central business hub. Centered primarily on Shattuck Avenue, the downtown area extends as far north as Hearst Avenue, south to Dwight Way, east to Oxford/Fulton Street, and west to Martin Luther King Jr. Way. Downtown Berkeley contains the city's civic center, high school, Berkeley City College, and many transportation hubs.

Businesses in the Downtown AreaEdit

City and Public Services in the Downtown AreaEdit

Restaurants in the Downtown AreaEdit

Public Transportation in the Downtown AreaEdit

  • AC Transit - routes 1, 1R, 7, 9, 15, 18, 19, 51, 52L, 65, 67, 79; 800, 851 (All Nighter), F, FS (Transbay)
  • BART - Richmond-Fremont and Richmond-Millbrae

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