Jeff Tedford is the current head coach of the California Golden Bears football team. He was hired in 2002 and has led the Bears to seven straight winning seasons, including six consecutive bowl berths and a 5-1 records in said bowls. He has also led the Bears to a share of the Pac-10 championship in 2006 with the USC Trojans.

Oregon DucksEdit

Before being hired at Cal, Tedford was the offensive coordinator of Colorado at Oregon, and led the Ducks to a 38-16 drubbing in their only BCS bowl appearance in the 2002 Fiesta Bowl.

California Golden BearsEdit

2002 seasonEdit

Tedford's first victory was a 70-22 win over Baylor. He would also lead them to a surprise upset on the road in Michigan State and destroyed Stanford in the Big Game to reclaim The Axe.

2003 seasonEdit

Cal would finish the season 8-6 and a victory in the 2003 Insight Bowl.

2004 seasonEdit

The Bears would get to 10-1 and would lose a close-fought game against national champions USC. They would lose their shot at Pasadena though when Texas gained the at-large bid for the Rose Bowl.

2005 seasonEdit

The loss of Aaron Rodgers to the NFL along with numerous other seniors departing led to an overhaul of the team, but the Bears would still scorch to a 5-0 start before stumbling to the finish. Cal would nevertheless reclaim the Axe and win the 2005 Las Vegas Bowl

2006 seasonEdit

The Bears would claim a share of the Pac-10 title, but because of the loss to the Trojans, California lost the head-to-head and missed out on Pasadena. They would nevertheless make a victorious return to San Diego, crushing the Texas A&M Aggies in the 2006 Holiday Bowl.

2007 seasonEdit

Cal would at one point at the season reach their highest ranking since the 1950s, reaching #2 in the country when they started the season 5-0. Although they would finish disappointingly, Tedford did take the Bears back to their fifth consecutive bowl game and third straight win.

2008 seasonEdit

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