Anthony Adamthwaite 2305 Dwinelle
Professor Late Modern Europe: 20th-century Western Europe; International History 17th century to present

Margaret Lavinia Anderson 2315 Dwinelle
Professor Late Modern Europe: Germany, religious and political; Europe, religious and political; Armenian genocide

Susanna Barrows 3216 Dwinelle
Professor Late Modern Europe: France, social and cultural

Andrew Barshay 2216 Dwinelle
Professor Modern Japan

Stephan Astourian
Assistant Adjunct Professor> Armenian and Caucasian Studies

Mary Elizabeth Berry 3303 Dwinelle
3213 Dwinelle
Dean's Professor of East Asian History
Department Chair
East Asia: pre-modern Japan

Thomas A. Brady 3225 Dwinelle
Professor of the Graduate School
Peder Sather Professor
Early Modern Europe: Reformation, Germany

Mark Brilliant 2413 Dwinelle
Assistant Professor 20th century U.S.; comparative civil rights (with a focus on politics and law); the American West; American education

Richard Candida Smith 2207 Dwinelle
Professor 19th and 20th century US and European intellectual history, aesthetic theory; oral history theory and methodology

Cathryn Carson 3221 Dwinelle
Associate Professor History of Science: Modern Physical Sciences

Margaret Chowning 3125 Dwinelle
Professor Latin America: Mexico, late colonial and nineteenth century, women, church, social and economic

John Connelly 2218 Dwinelle
Associate Professor Late Modern Europe: 20th century East Central Europe

Thomas Dandelet 2317 Dwinelle
Associate Professor Early Modern Europe: Spanish Empire, Italy, Mediterranean, social, cultural, political

Prachi Deshpande [1] 3223 Dwinelle
Associate Professor South Asia

Jan deVries [2] 3222 Dwinelle
Ehrman Professor European economic history

Beshara B. Doumani 2212 Dwinelle
Associate Professor Modern Middle East

John M. Efron 2217 Dwinelle
Koret Professor Modern Jewish History

Robin Einhorn 3211 Dwinelle
Professor United States - Political, Urban

Susanna K. Elm 2310 Dwinelle
Professor Roman Imperial; early Christianity and early medieval

Paula S. Fass 2415 Dwinelle
Byrne Professor America since 1607: Social and Cultural history, Childhood, Youth, Sexuality; Crime, the Media

Victoria Frede 3217 Dwinelle
Assistant Professor Late Modern Europe: Imperial Russia

Kathleen Frydl [3] 3118 Dwinelle
Assistant Professor United States history

Emily Gottreich
Associate Adjunct Professor Middle Eastern and North African history, Sephardic Jewish history

Roger Hahn] 2314 Dwinelle
Professor of the Graduate School History of Science; Early Modern Europe: intellectual and institutional

Mark Healey 2307 Dwinelle
Assistant Professor Modern Latin America: Argentina, urban, architectural, cultural and political

David M. Henkin 2226 Dwinelle
Professor America since 1607: 19th Century, urban, cultural

Carla Hesse 3315 Dwinelle
Professor Old Regime & Revolutionary France

David A. Hollinger 2123 Dwinelle
Preston Hotchkis Professor America since 1607: intellectual

Eugene F. Irschick 2121 Dwinelle
Professor South Asia: modern India, agrarian relations

Martin E. Jay 3321 Dwinelle
Ehrman Professor Late Modern Europe intellectual

David G. Johnson 2120 Dwinelle
Professor East Asia: Middle-Period China, Chinese Popular Culture

Tabitha Kanogo] 3220 Dwinelle
Professor Africa: Kenya, social, cultural, women's and colonial history

Kerwin Klein 2211 Dwinelle
Associate Professor America since 1607, Intellectual and cultural

Geoffrey Koziol 3116 Dwinelle
Professor Medieval Europe

Thomas W. Laqueur 3123 Dwinelle
Helen Fawcett Professor Britain since 1509: social, history of medicine

John E. Lesch 2222 Dwinelle
Professor History of Science: biology and life sciences

Emily Mackil 2312 Dwinelle
Assistant Professor Ancient Greece

Waldo E. Martin, Jr. [4]] 2308 Dwinelle
Professor America since 1607: African American, cultural, social, the South

Maria Mavroudi 2223 Dwinelle
Professor Ancient History: Byzantine History

Massimo Mazzotti 2209 Dwinelle Hall
Assistant Professor History of mathematics, 16th-20th century,Science and religion in Europe,Enlightenment science and technology,Theoretical and historiographical issues in science and technology studies

Rebecca McLennan 2224 Dwinelle
Associate Professor America since 1607: US Social, Political, and

Labor History; History of Crime and Punishment; Law and Society Studies; History and Social Theory

Maureen C. Miller 2219 Dwinelle
Professor Medieval Europe: Italy, ecclesiastical, cultural

Carlos F. Noreña 2411 Dwinelle
Assistant Professor Ancient Rome

Michael Nylan 3212 Dwinelle
Professor Chinese History

Abena Dove Osseo-Asare 3323 Dwinelle
Assistant Professor Africa: history of medicine and culture; health and gender in Africa

Mark Peterson 2309 Dwinelle
Associate Professor American History

Peter Sahlins 3214 Dwinelle
Professor Early Modern Europe: France

Daniel J. Sargent 2215 Dwinelle
Assistant Professor American History; History of U.S. Foreign Relations; Global and International History

Irwin Scheiner 3215 Dwinelle
Professor of the Gradaute School East Asia: Japan, Kinsei & Kindai, intellectual and social

Ethan H. Shagan 3210 Dwinelle
Associate Professor British history; early modern Europe

Jonathan Sheehan
Associate Professor Early Modern European History

Yuri Slezkine 2220 Dwinelle
Professor Late Modern Europe: Russia

Tyler Stovall 2213 Dwinelle
Professor French History

James Vernon 2214 Dwinelle
Professor British history

Wen-Hsin Yeh 3209 Dwinelle
Richard H. and Laurie C. Morrison Chair Professor East Asia: 20th-Century China

Peter B. Zinoman 2313 Dwinelle
Associate Professor Southeast Asian History: Vietnam

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