UC Berkeley Wiki was started on July 19th, 2008 by Matthew Tyndall, UC Berkeley class of 2004. It is not directly affiliated with UC Berkeley itself in any way at this time.

My motivation for creating this resource was inspired by many missed opportunities during my college years. Looking back, if I had known about certain opportunities sooner, the importance of particular decisions, and the reasoning behind certain plans, I would have definitely done some things differently. Think of this as me wanting to make lemonade out of all of my lemons.

While UC Berkeley is a fabulous school with many opportunities, students are largely forced to fend for themselves on a variety of issues. The goal of this site is to present to students the important and relevant information they need to know in a clear and organized central location. With the help and contributions of students and alumni, it is my hope that this site will grow into the ultimate resource for Berkeley students.

-Matthew 02:57, 12 August 2008 (UTC)

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